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  • Doug Marcaida's DMaX Fighter Trainer Combo (DMAX)
  • Doug Marcaida's DMaX Fighter Trainer Combo (DMAX)
  • Doug Marcaida's DMaX Fighter Trainer Combo (DMAX)
  • Doug Marcaida's DMaX Fighter Trainer Combo (DMAX )
  • Doug Marcaida's DMaX Fighter Trainer Combo (DMAX)
  • Doug Marcaida's DMaX Fighter Trainer Combo (DMAX)

Doug Marcaida's DMaX Fighter Trainer Combo

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    Product Description

    The DMaX, a Doug Marcaida and Max Venom Design
    It started with a simple question, “Could you build something like this for me?"
    People have been asking for a full size Max Venom Karambit for years. It took a man like Doug Marcaida to make it happen.
    I’ve been asked numerous times to provide some manner of narrative or at the very least insight into the “Max Venom story”, and the story is as simple as this:
    Max Venom designs and develops purpose built tools for practical applications. People get to look at our products and decide for themselves if they support our conclusions. With the support of those people, we’re still here. Without a doubt, we would not be here today without the undying support of a very loyal customer base, made up of individuals such as yourself. Thank You! We are also proud and honored that our products have found their way into the hands of so many of our great nation's Military personnel. We are honored to serve you and we thank you for your service!

    Without fail, Max Venom knives have turned up time and again in unthought of places and in the hands of many unique individuals, and in some cases, highly skilled and talented individuals such as Doug Marcaida.
    Doug Marcaida happened upon the Max Venom Karambite and PKM through a former student and was highly enthused to share his feedback in regards to the designs. We spoke at length, we spoke again, we exchanged text messages, shared pictures and drawings. Without officially saying so, we began to collaborate.
    The DMaX is small enough and light enough to carry every day, and BIG enough to fight with.
    Each DMaX Karmabit package INCLUDES a full spec DMax aluminum trainer 40$ value!
    The DMaX Karabmit and trainer are Proudly 100% Hand Made in the USA, by Americans!

    Other Details

    6.5” in
    2.5” in
    0.177" in
    Plain Single Edged
    4" in
    1.94 oz
    Trainer included

    Product Videos

    The Deadliest Neck Knife in the World?! | Graphic Image Warning! 02:25

    The deadliest knife in the world is the one in your hands. The DMax Karambit by MaxVenom: http://www.maxvenom.com/product/dmax $169 for the Knife, sheath and trainer knife. A collaboration between Doug Marcaida and Colin Despins from Max Venom comes a neck knife designed to address the limitations of its predecessors. Adopting the ring feature of the karambit while reducing the curvature of the blade allows this viper to strike in and out working with the body's natural mechanics. Its size and weight find the perfect balance between being too small to be effective and being to big that it affects concealment. Its bare bones concept is brilliant in its simplicity. Made in America. Check it out here: http://www.maxvenom.com/product/dmax Get Connected With the Team! Funker Tactical Website: http://www.FunkerTactical.com Funker Tactical FB Page: https://www.Facebook.com/FunkerTactical Instructor Zero FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/InstructorZero Train with Spartans in Italy: http://www.spartan360tacticaldefence.com Doug Marcaida: https://www.facebook.com/KuyaDougMarcaida Ryan Combat Medic: https://www.facebook.com/ryanfunkertactical Music by: Machinima Sound, Anze Rozman and Samuel Nevarez. All of our videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please do not try anything you see in a Funker Tactical video without the supervision of a qualified instructor. These actions are potentially dangerous and may cause injury or death. Always exercise the highest level of safety when handling weapons and firearms. Please check with your local authorities regarding the lawful ownership and use of any weapons, firearms, kit and gear you see in any of our videos. We are not responsible for the consequences derived from the purchase, importation, possession or use of any items you see in our channel. Once again, it is important that you check with your local authorities first.

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