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Military LE EMS Discounts

We are a proud supporter of our Law Enforcement and Military organizations. This is why we offer a 10% discount on our production knives to those eligible. This discount does not apply to limited runs, special runs, custom knives or merchandise.


  • Must be active duty U.S., non-reserve Law Enforcement or Military.
  • Must provide us with proof of current service.
  • Discount applies to: Police Officers, Military, Fire Fighters, and Paramedics only.

This discount does not apply to international law enforcement or military organizations. Volunteers and retirees are not eligible for this discount.

How To Receive Discount Code:

Simply email us directly at CONTACT US with your proof of service (Valid Identification, Credentials, and/or military/government email address). We will respond via email for you to reply with your ID. After verification, we will send you a discount code which you can use on your next online purchase of a knife from us.

Please note:  Any orders submitted using the Military/LE/EMS discount code without prior verification will be rejected. Please do not share this information with unapproved individuals - this will cause the code to be changed and everyone will need to reverify.