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Training with the Karambit

Training with the Karambit

Training With The Karambit

by Steve Tarani

Before you run out and buy a real Karambit and start flipping it around, you should be made starkly aware that it's got a sharp point and a sharp edge. If you have no training and you go flipping around a real Karambit at high speeds you're asking for self-inflicted injury! Unless you've got experience or training it is highly suggested that you purchase a training Karambit as well. These are usually inexpensive and can save you all kinds of medical expenses in the long run. To purchase a training Karambit click here

Certain models of the Karambit are capable of three applications of usage. These are: 1. As a utility tool (such as daily chores, camping, etc.) 2. A martial-arts training implement (such as for training, demonstrations, etc.) and 3. Personal safety (i.e., you are violently attacked and are in fear of loss of life or limb). Unless you’re a collector and keep your Karambit for display only or secured, then you need some level of training based on any of these three applications. 

There are four basic levels of suggested training. Each level is recommended based on the intended use of your Karambit.


Level 0:  Little to no training.

If you choose to keep your knife in a glass case and only show it to your friends and family members in your living room, then you require no training whatsoever.

Level 1:  Safety and operation training.

If you chose to use your knife strictly as a utility tool, then you only need to know the basics of gripping and safe operation, which can be found in any training video or book. This web site also maintains a section on the basics of rudimentary safety and operation training. If you are interested in this level of training and would like to see more, click here. videos.jpg
karambit-125-tn.jpg Level 2:  Personal Safety Training

In the event you may need to employ your karambit for purposes of ensuring your personal safety, then you need to become familiar with the basics of survival using this tool. This level also includes those elements found in Level 1 and can be found in the Safety and Operation training videos. Additionally recommended is a two-day basic KARAMBIT LEVEL ONE TRAINING SEMINAR.


Level 3:  Martial Arts Training

martial-tn.jpgIf you are interested in the full operational capabilities of this incredible artifact, then you should take a serious look at martial-arts training. This is the most comprehensive of all levels of training, as it encompasses mind, body and other elements of the art. This level also includes those elements found in Level 1 and Level 2 and can be accomplished by joining a certified Pencak Silat martial arts school (such as the Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles and others recommended by the Suwanda Academy that teaches traditional Pencak Silat lineage) of Karambit training in your area, or schedule yourself to take a seminar or workshop with a bonified instructor.


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