Fox Legend Series Folding Karambit - The Kraken

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Item #:KC-478B-K
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Fox Legend Series Folding Karambit - The Kraken (KC-478B-K)
  • Overall Length:
    7.60" in
  • Blade Length:
    3.00" in
  • Blade Thickness:
    0.11" in
  • Blade Material:
    N690 Co Steel
  • Blade Grind:
  • Blade Finish:
    Black Teflon
  • Edge Type:
    Single Edged
  • Handle Length:
    5.25" in
  • Handle Material:
    G10 (smooth texture)
  • Handle Color:
    Engraved Kraken
  • Closed Length:
    5.25" in
  • Lock Type:
    Liner Lock
  • Liner Material:
    Stainless Steel
  • Handle Thickness:
    0.50" in
  • Weight:
    4.60 oz
  • Attachment:
    Reversible Clip
  • Emerson Wave:
  • Extra Features:
    Subdued blade finish featuring minimal writing.
  • Availability:
    In Stock

“Release the Kraken.”

The wooden ship rose and fell with the cresting of the waves. The roar of the ocean was deafening as the storm raged through the night. Veteran and rookie sailors alike crouched in their bunks, hearts racing in terror, for this was no ordinary maelstrom. Most were hardened men of the sea, and yet, the seeping darkness and sudden, gusting warmth made even the strongest of them shiver in fear. They knew as well as anyone the tales of the sea.

The cry went up from the night watchman without warning.

“All hands to battle stations!”

Feet pounded across the deck as those men who could took their places. Those who could not huddled below decks, hiding, hoping, praying, begging. Screams rent the night as utter annihilation rose up from the black, churning water, recognizable by the hot stink of its breath and the tentacles nearly as thick as the ship itself. There was no option but death, be it by the beast itself or the rage of the unforgiving sea.

Some sailors swore to go down fighting, regardless of the odds. They drew their blades and squared up along the rail, ready to face what may come. The great arms of the kraken crashed down onto the ship, and the battle began.

The kraken is universally understood to be one of the most horrifying sea monsters. Tales of these legendary creatures spread throughout the ancient seafaring world, spreading like wildfire and carrying all of the terror the storyteller could summon. They smashed ships, destroyed lives, and wrecked entire worlds. No one was immune, and few were spared. Nowadays, the kraken more often symbolizes a world of hurt, but when someone roars “release the kraken,” the intent is the same — bring all the pain and devastation one can muster. Kick asses, take names, and revel in the satisfaction utter annihilation can bring.

When you need to protect yourself, protect your crew, and prove a point, look no further than this highly customized, exclusive Legends Series Kraken karambit. The blade itself is razor sharp and ready to go right out of the box. The handle is original artwork and showcases highly detailed drawings that offer excruciating attention to detail, hidden gems, and layers upon layers of meaning and mythology.

This one-of-a-kind karambit is balanced, durable, and made with quality materials. It’s a workhorse that’s able to perform equally well in first responder and utility settings as it does tactical. This karambit tells a story as old of time, one of badassery, power, strength, and survival. When you need a reliable blade that won’t let you down and that’s ready to wreak some havoc on your behalf, reach no further than the Legends series Kraken karambit.


  • Effortless one-handed deployment via the patented Emerson Wave
  • Strong edge
  • Receptive to sharpening
  • Enhanced edge retention 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Easily concealable
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for military, LEO, security, civilians, first responders, and utility workers
  • Safety ring for a sure and secure grip, even in extreme environments
  • Can utilize in less-than lethal situations
  • Can be utilized for blunt force or as a control device
  • Excellent for increasing primary weapon retention
  • Detailed, custom-designed handle depicting scenes of a kraken in action
  • Newly designed pocket clip engraved with “Release the Kraken”


Our Legends series karambits utilize one the highest quality and strongest steels: NC690Co stainless steel. All of our Legends Series folding karambits feature custom designed, original, exclusive artwork. The artwork is laser engraved, as is the pocket clip.

The tiger claw shaped and black teflon coated blade provides devastatingly sharp tip and blade surface with a thickness of .12" and length of 3", offering a total reach of 7.5" when fully extended and 5" when closed. The shape and design of the blade is optimized for ripping penetration and stability while cutting. The 479 karambit utilizes a liner lock and weighs in at a mere 4.02oz.

This folding karambit is designed for tip-up carry with the patented insta-open Emerson Wave feature for fast deployment in a reverse grip. Reverse grip most effectively utilizes the blade's slashing power from its pocketed resting position in an upward motion, but the knife can also be utilized in the forward grip. Rest assured, if you’re carrying a Legends Series karambit, you’ll have a one of a kind knife, conversation piece, and survival tool.

NOTE: This pocket clip is not reversible. Left handed users will need to purchase a left handed clip.

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