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Brous Blades started with a simple premise: take the functional aspects of a knife and turn up the artistic flair to create a unique and eye-catching design. The results are some of the most innovative and visually stunning knives on the market. From flipper knives to Karambits, all Brous Blades is an exercise in exquisite craftsmanship and expert engineering.

From the very start, Brous Blades have been characterized by their startling level of creativity and craftsmanship. His first knife, a simple EDC blade, featured an innovative integral lock design that was far ahead of its time. Since then, he's continued to push the envelope with never-before-seen designs like his concave grind Wharncliffe or his unique "Stinger" folder.

Each and every Brous Blade is a true work of art, blending exceptional function with stunning form. Whether you're looking for a hard-working everyday carry blade or something more exotic for display, Jason's blades are sure to impress.

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