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From its inception, Cold Steel has been a company dedicated to making the strongest and sharpest knives in America. Over three decades ago they were at their forefront of innovation that helped define this industry's norms for quality & sophistication with progressive accomplishments such as introduces checked Kraton® handles or tanto point blade styles which went on become common features among reputable brands today; New Ground Was Broke When It Introduced Unique Blade Steels Like San Mai III ® And Tri-Ad™ Lock Mechanism For folding Knives.

Cold Steel Inc. is an innovative knife and tool company dedicated to creating the world's strongest, sharpest knives for everyday carry (EDC).
Quickly adopted by Military Special units, Law Enforcement Personnel, Emergency Services personnel, Self Defense professionals, as well members of Martial Arts community. Cold steel became renowned quality strength reliability dependability in their product line up which includes not only folding blades but also swords Tomahawks Machetes Cutlery tools.

Cold Steel has been a leading manufacturer of knives and other cutting tools for decades. They are known to introduce new materials that help shape the world today, such as Kraton® handles which were introduced in 1980s or "Americanized" Tanto blades with an asymmetrical patterned blade steel called San Mai III® . The company also produces tried-and tested products like any other brand you might know - just without Warranty!

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