Custom Leather Sheaths

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Custom Leather Sheaths (CustomLeatherSheaths)


Custom Leather Sheaths

We offer the highest quality Custom Leather Sheaths for any knife, sword, axe, or tool (leatherman, pliers, lighters, flashlights, etc). Prices for custom leather knife sheaths start at $80 USD and up.

Please read the following carefully to begin

Step 1. Submit Photos:
Contact us to request to submit your photos of the item(s) you wish to have a custom sheath made for. In your reply, please include all of the following information from the steps below

Step 2. Leather Type: 
Tell us the type of leather you'd like to use (cowhide, stingray, alligator, elephant, etc) and the color (Brown, Black, Green, etc)  Requests beyond basic colors and material may incur extra charge. 

Step 3. Orientation:
Choose the orientation and location of carry such as a Neck Sheath, Right handed belt sheath, left boot sheath, etc.

Step 4. Lining:  
Choose a lining, such as velvet, cloth, sheepskin, etc, or none at all. This is most useful for knives with a mirror polished finish to prevent scratches.

Step 5. Attachment Method: 
Choose an attachment method such as belt loops or belt clip. Choose a closure/securing method into the sheath such as button snaps, latches, or your preferred method, including none at all.

Step 6. Artwork
 Please submit photos examples, suggestions, or themes of any artwork that can be stitched or hand painted. Include the color, size, location, and any font style for lettering. We can create original artwork or apply nearly anything that isn't a copyrighted image.  Any original artwork will start at a minimum of 100 USD and go up from there depending on complexity.

Step 6. Payment:
An invoice will be emailed to you with a summary of your request including return shipping charges.

Step 7. Shipping:
When the invoice has been paid, send your item off to the address you've been given our sheath making facility. Please make sure that you pay for tracking and any required insurance to and from the destination. We are not responsible for any items lost in the mail. If sending a knife, make sure its in the original sheath and the blade isn't exposed. 

Step 8. Wait time:
Allow 4-6 weeks for the work to be completed, and we will email you a tracking number once it is shipped back out to you with your new sheath. 

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