Fox EVO Karambit Handle Set - Phantom

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Item #:FX-EVO-H-AL-Phantom
Fox EVO Handle Set - Legend Series - Phantom (FX-EVO-H-AL-Phantom)
  • Compatibility:
    Fox EVO Karambit models ONLY
  • Material:
    Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Finish:
    Laser Engraved
  • Handles Only:
    EVO Karambit NOT included


Fox EVO Handle Set - Legend Series - Phantom

(HANDLES ONLY - Fox EVO Karambit sold separately ) 

The Fox EVO Handle Set provides one set of removable handles that can be attached to your compatible model Fox Evo Karambit to create an entirely new look, just like a phone case! Grab yourself a new set to express yourself and help your Fox Evo Karambit EVOLVE! 



  • 1x Set of Laser Engraved Black Anodized Aluminum Fox EVO Karambit handles 
  • 1x Torx Screwdriver (Torx 6 & Torx 8)
  • 1 Set of handle screws.


Our laser engraved handle sets feature full coverage artwork that is partially blocked by the stock clip. We highly recommend purchasing a curved pocket clip that will allow more of the art on your Fox Evo Karambit to be seen without obstruction. Click here to purchase the Fox Karambit Curved Pocket Clip Kit


“No One Escapes Death.”

Strewn with the bodies of the dead and dying, the blood soaked valley depicted a story as old as time. As fog rolled down from the mountains and slowly covered the aftermath of a gristly battle, a misted, shadowed shape advanced with the night. Some screamed and some went with a whisper, but each remaining warrior slowed, then stilled, silenced by the inevitable creep of death itself.

The cloaked figure moved purposefully, yet unhurriedly, from figure to figure. No pleas, no promises, no prayers, swayed its steely resolve. For those doomed souls, there was no escape. Their time had come, and with it, Death.

When the Grim Reaper appears, it’s understood your time here on Earth is done. This chilling figure carries an air of mystery, intrigue, and even terror, but there’s no doubt that as the Lord of Death, his rule is absolute. Like its namesake, the Legends Series Reaper is black, sleek, moves through the air like smoke, and leaves a path of destruction behind it. 

This art tells a story as old of time, one of shadows, absolute rule, and crushing certainty. When you need to put a definitive end to an encounter, do it in style with our exclusive Fox EVO Legends Series Reaper Handle Set. 





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