Fox EVO Karambit Knives and Handle Sets

THE ALL NEW Fox EVO Folding Karambit is an exclusive design created by to offer additional security with the LAWKS system, and limitless personalization potential with removable handles that can be unscrewed and swapped out with a new set of handles in various designs and materials to create an entirely new look, just like a phone case! 




The Lake and Walker Knife Safety system (LAWKS) is a patented additional security feature for folding knives designed by noted Knifemakers' Guild members Ron Lake and Michael Walker, in which the user can manually toggle a lever that moves a solid metal plate between the liner lock and the handle after the knife has been opened, preventing the liner lock from being disengaged, essentially turning the knife into a fixed blade. To disengage the LAWKS, just push the lever in the opposite direction, and the liner lock will function to close normally.

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Example of a FOX EVO Handle Set:



Example of a FOX EVO Handle Set Installed:







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