Fox Karambit Replacement Pocket Clip

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Item #:FoxPocketClipKit
Fox Karambit Replacement Pocket Clip (FoxPocketClipKit)
  • Torx-6 and Torx-8 screwdriver:


This package is for a pocket clip replacement for your Fox Karambit.

This package includes: Torx Driver, 3 clip screws, and the clip.


-Fox 479



-Fox Dart



-FoxEdge FE-014

-FoxEdge FE-015

-FoxEdge FE-016

The handle and pivot screws require:
Torx-8 (T8) head screwdriver (included)

The pocket clip screws require:
Torx-6 (T6) head screwdriver (included)

NOTE: These screws and clip will NOT work on counterfeit knives. If you purchased a "fox karambit" for any fraction under what we sell ours for, there's a good chance you may have a counterfeit knife.  We commonly receive complaints that parts of the knife has broken, or pocket clips and/or screws have fallen out or are missing. This does not happen with genuine knives. Please don't support thieves, nor rely on a knife to protect yourself that is highly likely to break or fall apart during use - buy the real thing. We are an official Fox Knives Retailer. We only sell genuine Fox Knives.  

If you would like to know if you are in possession of a counterfeit fox knife, just send us a photo, it's easy to tell as the counterfeits are really badly made. 

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