Indonesian Training Terminology
By Steve Tarani

(Excerpted from "Karambit – Exotic Blade of the Indonesian Archipelago" by Unique Publications)

Before we get started in our training, most of the terminology found in this manuscript is in plain English. However, adhering to austere training traditions, there are certain words and phrases employed by my masters, which are maintained for integrity. My primary instructor, Guru Besar Pendakar Herman Suwanda spoke many dialects and completely different languages such as Bahasay Indonesian (the national language of Indonesia) Sudanese, the native language of various tribes originating in west Java and a number of others. Thus the exact translation of the terms below may vary depending upon to which village you travel.


Anak Harimau Literally "son of Tiger" usually referring to either a sub-system of a definite posture (usually kneeling and/or lower to the ground).
Buah Executed technique or movement with a training partner.
Duduk Seated or sitting stance or posture.
Golang Circle or circular movement usually in a wide circumference.
Gunting Scissors-like motion. This is the exact same word in Tagalog (national language of the Philippines). Certain words In Tagalog such as Gunting, Bulan, Lima and others are identical to those of Bahasay Indonesian.
Harimau Tiger or tiger-style.
Juru A singular technique or movement without a partner. Similar to shadow boxing (Western Boxing), Dtoi Lom (Thai Boxing) or Kata (Karate).
Kakacangan  A multiple of jurus (more than one juru).
Kahki Legs or having to do with the legs.
Kanan The right or to the right-hand side.
Kiri The left or to the the left-hand side.
Kobok Takedown, throw or trip using the arms.
Kuda Kuda Horse stance or hose-like posture. This can either be with legs wide, as in the example of sitting on the back of a horse, or legs narrow as in the placement of the horses hooves when walking.
Ledok Takedown, throw or trip using the legs.
Picahan Literally "broken apart" such as glass or shattered coffee cup. A term applied to practical application of technique where a student (after achieving a deep understanding of basic movements and standard technique) has learned to "use the pieces" to create any solution on the fly as needed in the heat of actual combat.
Tangan Hands or having to do with the hands.
Totok Use of pressure points in reference to placement of blade tip.

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