Build Your Own Custom Knife!

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Build your own Custom Knife

Description's expert knife makers create the highest quality custom blades on the planet. We can build any type of knife including but not limited to daggers, swords, butterly knives, automatics, and many more.  

Building your own knife design starts at $1000+ and up.

Please read and follow the steps below to begin. 

Please view our existing CUSTOM KARAMBITS designs to purchase or modify. If nothing matches your needs, Please move on to Step 2.

Find pictures or drawings to submit. Please note we cannot copy anyone else's work and all designs we create must be unique. If you do not have any examples, our artists can draw your knife for a non-refundable artist's drawing fee of $100 USD.

Step 3.
Determine your design specs such as measurements, steel type, handle material, blade finish, sheath attachment method, and matching trainer. The standard options are CPM 154, G10 Handles, Satin finish, and a tek lok sheath. Be prepared to add the cost of exotic or non standard materials and additional labor accordingly.

Step 4. BUDGET:
Determine your budget by comparing your desired design with our existing CUSTOM KARAMBITS selections. Building a design from scratch is essentially creating a prototype and starts at $1000+ and up.

Step 5. 
Wait times may vary from a few weeks to several months depending on the maker's popularity, design complexity, material availability, and number of existing custom orders ahead of you.


Submit all of the above information to discuss building your dream knife today! CONTACT US




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