Kraken Steamtalon Karambit

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Item #:BK4273
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Kraken Steamtalon Karambit (BK4273)
  • Overall Length:
    8.75" in
  • Blade Length:
    4.25" in
  • Blade Thickness:
    0.15" in
  • Blade Material:
    Stainless Steel
  • Blade Grind:
  • Blade Finish:
  • Edge Type:
    Single Edged
  • Handle Length:
    4.65" in
  • Handle Material:
  • Handle Thickness:
    0.83" in
  • Handle Color:
  • Weight:
    5.44 oz
  • Sheath:
  • Attachment:
    Belt Loop
  • Extra Features:
    Serrations, Loaded with distinctly steampunk accents and appointments; gear motifs a nod to steampunk "gizmology"; Laser etched "Kraken" logo recalls monsters in steampunk fiction
  • Availability:
    In Stock


Kraken Steamtalon Karambit

Kraken infuses the fabled southeast Asian karambit with its own unique brand of hip steampunk flair, yielding a knife like no other - the alluringly savage Kraken "SteamTalon" Karambit. Exceedingly potent and swarming with steam-powered fury, the SteamTalon shreds and slashes to the beat of its own drum. Its distinctive accents pay homage to classic steampunk themes and artistic motifs. The cog-and-gear pommel design, for instance, is a nod to steampunk "gizmology," while the laser etched Kraken logo evokes the monstrous sea "leviathans" of classic steampunk works. And the SteamTalon is a monster itself - on par with any sea serpent, mechanized spider or other fearsome steampunk beast. Unlike these creatures of lore, however, the SteamTalon is frighteningly real - a fully functional, battle-ready karambit with formidable cutting clout. And like a sinister claw on some giant fictional monster, the SteamTalon's stonewashed blade is menacingly arched and viciously barbed. It also boasts a razor sharp edge capable of taking on a vast range of real-world cutting jobs. Rugged one-piece stainless steel construction ensures stability and strength, while the cord-wrapped handle provides a comfortable no-slip grip. Whether battling leviathans or livening your knife collection with a bit of avant garde steampunk style, Kraken's SteamTalon Karambit is unstoppable - a perpetual engine of savagery and style, powered by steel and steam.

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