Laser Engrave Your Order?

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$50.00 $45.00
(You save $5.00)'s Laser Engraving Service


With this order we want to offer you professional laser engraving services at a discounted rate.

  • Create a motto
  • Engrave initials
  • Choose where you want the engraving to be
  • Laser Engraving Services usually take 1-2 Weeks
  • This is only applicable with an order of a new knife from our website before shipment
  • Once your knife has been engraved, we won't be able to refund or exchange your item.


1. "Yes I want to Laser Engrave my knife at a discounted rate today. (+$45)"

    • Please type what you want to have engraved and placement in the provided text boxes. 42 Characters Max.
    • ** Handle placement may have unpredictable contrast visuals depending on the knife handle and placement.
          *If the engraving will look better somewhere else on the knife, the engraver will automatically put it there unless told otherwise by the customer prior to order.
    • It will normally take 1-2 weeks to fulfill the engraving and ship out your knife to you.
    • Regular price $50 plus shipping both ways.

2. "No thank you, I'll pass for now."

    • No, I wouldn't want to take advantage of your discounted engraving services today.
    • Please write NA in the text boxes or just leave the text as is and move on to the next page.

3. If you would like for us to engrave a simple logo for you, please go ahead and make the purchase and put "Logo" in the first text box, choose the placement in the second text box and proceed with your purchase. After your order is placed, we will email you to ask to provide a picture or details and possible extra fees depending on the intricacy of the logo. 


Customer Reviews

"My whole experience with your company was amazing, you went above and beyond to see to it that I got exactly what I wanted. You guys deserve 6 Stars."
"Great service, easy to order, package was delivered way sooner than I expected. Always love buying from this site."
"Competitive price point, prompt processing and shipping. I'll definitely purchase from again."
"Absolutely love buying from these guys. Quick turn around and an even better product! Highly recommend!"