MaxVenom knives are the perfect tools for the modern adventurer. Made from ATS-34, S35VN, and other modern materials, these knives are built to last. With a sharp blade and sturdy construction, MaxVenom knives are ideal for any outdoor activity. So whether you're camping, hiking, or just out on the town, make sure to bring your MaxVenom knife along! offers the MaxVenom, The Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife and the DMAX II



The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife is a unique take on the last ditch neck knife concept featuring a formidable and functional S35VN steel blade. It's unique grip offers amazing versatility and retention for self defense and precision cutting whether in a concealed closed fist or open palm format. When held in an open palm, it is unobtrusive and allows you to grip another object such as a firearm simutaneously. This blade can be almost completely concealed in the hand with the exception of the protruding 1.2" long blade. The Karambite is built for a life time of rugged and reliable use. Kydex sheath included. The sheath MUST be attached to a lanyard or neck chain so that it may be effectively drawn from the sheath.



The MaxVenom DMaX II is a second generation to the famous Doug Marcaida Fighter Karambit (The DMaX with trainer). Now in Nitro-V steel, single side chisel grind, and entirely new bead-blasted look. As always, Raw power, killer ergonomics, in a envelope that bends or breaks all the rules with grace, style and rugged durability. Trainer not included.



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