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McDaniels Knives Lycan Karambit

"Lycans display inhuman physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and agility." 

Handmade. Multi-edged. Exceptional.

Lycan: Wolf? Human? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter, because they're unmatched warriors in close quarters combat. With a sharply curved blade resembling a fang, the Lycan karambit is designed for one thing: tearing, ripping, slicing and cutting with ease. The inside edge of the 4" blade is fully sharpened and the outside edge is sharpened only on the backblade, which allows the Lycan to be used not only for tactical applications, but also as a utility blade. The Lycan's design readily lends itself to search and rescue, first responder and field medical use, since the unsharpened portion of the outside edge can be used in an emergency (by sliding the blade in unsharpened side to skin, then turning it to utilize the sharpened inside curve) to cut off clothing, bandages or bindings without fear of injuring a patient further. The tight curve allows the Lycan to slice through even heavy materials with ease and without the item sliding off the blade, which is an issue encountered with straight blades. 

Whether the McDaniel Knives Lycan Karambit is working hard as an EDC, saving the life of the one who carries it or it's saving the lives of those under their care, its expert craftsmanship and durability will continue to prove itself year after year. Add an inhuman edge to your toolbox: carry the McDaniel's Lycan Karambit. 

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