Meet the Fox Family Karambits

Meet the Fox Family Karambits Knives

From razor sharp curves to stout straight blades to perfectly matched trainers, the Fox Knives family line of karambit knives offers something for everyone. While the Fox 479 and Fox 478 are well-known, particularly for police, martial artists and military, some of the lesser-known Fox cousins provide just as much utility and quality. If you’re not sure which Fox blade would suit you best or you’re just looking to learn more about the Fox karambits and knives, then you’re in the right place.

About Fox Knives

Fox Knives, based out of Maniago, Italy, found its humble beginnings in 1977 as a family owned business specializing in contemporary, innovative blades. Today, Fox Knives continues to be family owned and ran. The company manufactures and designs a variety of sport, hunting, utility, and combat knives. Fox Knives is at the forefront of the tactical karambit and field knives industry. They specialize in combining traditional elements with state of the art materials and production techniques. This results in sleek, modern designs that still carry time-tested and trusted features.

Fox prides itself on producing quality tactical, combat, and field knives for police, military, security, and other tactical professionals. Fox Knives is an ISO 9001 certified company and registered as an official supplier of tactical and combat blades through NATO. Fox commonly partners with industry experts to assist with design, testing, and deployment of new tactical and combat karambits.

All Fox Knives include a 1 year, company backed, limited warranty covering defects in materials or craftsmanship. The Fox Knives warranty does not cover improper use or damage caused by improper care of any blade.

Fox Karambits Knives

In a nutshell, all of the Fox family line of karambit knives features curved blades of varying design and lengths, except for the Fox Dart — it has a straight blade optimized for slashing and thrusting. Each knife is suited for specific purposes or uses. Some Fox karambits are optimized for concealed carry. Others specialize in tactical use. Many are multifunctional. A couple offer great benefits as an EDC or utility blade.

All Fox karambits have a safety ring sized for use with gloves. Handles show a range of ergonomics but Fox designs all their knives for durability and comfort during use. Some Fox karambits work well in any grip or position, but a couple are designed for a specific orientation. offers a wide variety of finishes, handle materials, and color options. Blades use stainless steel, with G10, carbon fiber, Kryptek, aluminum, or artistic handle scales.

Fox 479 Karambit Knife

i-nhpt45k-x2.jpgThe Fox 479 sets the benchmark standard for budget-friendly tactical and combat karambits. This sleek, modern blade boasts beautiful contours, solid ergonomics, and functional design. With a curved blade optimally angled for effortless slashes straight out of the draw, the Fox 479 is capable of slicing deep and clean through almost anything in front of it. The ergonomics of the blade seat the knife firmly in the hand from first contact and allow for use from almost any angle.

A skilled user can deploy the Fox 479 in well under a second, thanks to the patented Emerson wave feature. With just a little practice, even the initial motion of deployment can be turned into a fight stopper. The safety ring helps ensure grip integrity regardless of environment, conditions, or movement style. The handle fits nicely in all but the smallest hands and can be easily wielded with or without gloves. The blade is well-balanced with a nice heft to it when closed. Those with smaller hands may want to consider the identically designed, but smaller, Fox 599 karambit

The Fox 479 karambit displays all the base features anyone could want in a tactical karambit with few frills or extras. It has a small enough blade (3”) to be legal for carry in almost every state and uses quality materials that are simple to care for. The stainless steel blade is coated to avoid light throw in tactical scenarios. The design integrates easily into a wide range of martial arts and fighting systems. It’s easy to conceal and carry, and allows for effortless, one-handed, nearly instantaneous deployment.

The blade itself has a moderate curve, which allows for use at a variety of ranges. The handle provides a sure, steady grip and comfortable use, particularly while in motion. This karambit is easy to “palm” while also holding a primary weapon or flashlight, which makes it particularly useful for police and military use.

With a razor sharp, single edge and reinforced tip, the knife is ready for use right out of the box. The single edge allows for easy, safe use in first response scenarios or as a utility blade. The 479 can be carried for right or left handed draws and can be held in a wide variety of grips, including reverse, forward, extended, and reaper.

The standard Fox 479 karambit has a black Teflon coated stainless steel blade, textured black G10 scales and a black pocket clip. Alternate G10 colors include olive drab / OD green and dark earth / coyote brown. Alternate handle materials include carbon fiber, twill aluminum, and Kryptek. The blade is also available with a stonewashed option. There’s a matched 479 karambit trainer which allows for safe, partnered practice. The 479 karambit trainer is available in with a textured red G10 handle.

For those seeking a more artistic every day carry, check out the Legends series of Fox karambits. These badass karambits combine all the usability of the 479 with exclusive artwork featuring legends straight out of mythology and shared human experience — the reaper, kraken, spartan, and tiger.

Fox 478 Karambit Knife

The Fox 478 karambit is identical to the Fox 479 with the sole exception of handle material. The 478 uses textured aluminum scales in either silver or black. Aluminum is more easily sanitized than G10 and offers a nice heft without adding tons of extra weight to the blade. It can get very cold or hot quite quickly so those who work in more extreme environments may want to consider the 479. For training purposes, the red 479 training karambit matches the 478 as well.

Fox 599 Karambit Knife

599-and-479.jpgThe Fox 599 karambit boasts a profile similar to the better-known Fox 479. The curvature of the blade and handle ergonomics are identical. However, the 599 karambit is smaller than the 479 by a full inch. The blade of the 599 is 2.25”. In contrast, the 479’s blade is a full 3”. Unlike the bigger 479, the 599”s shorter blade length is technically legal in every state, although you should still check your local laws concerning concealed karambit carry.

With a handle that’s a quarter of an inch shorter than the 479, those with smaller hands will find the 599 fits perfectly. Like all Fox karambits, the 599’s safety ring is large enough for use with gloves. However, due to the 599”s size, many find ungloved use to be more comfortable.

The ease of deployment, smaller blade, and coated steel make the 599 optimal for concealed carry and close quarters combat. The more compact design allows for easy use as a backup weapon or for increasing primary weapon retention. With its patented Emerson wave deployment system, the 599 can go from pocket to in use in well under a second.

The base 599 karambit comes with a black Teflon coated blade and textured G10 scales. It has a single edged, non-serrated blade. It’s available in OD green / olive drab G10 and blue twill aluminum scales as well. The matched 599 karambit trainer is available in orange.

Fox 599 Rescue LAWKS Karambit Knife

The sleek, compact Fox 599 karambit is also available in a variation optimized for police, fire department, search and rescue and first responder use. Called the Fox 599 Rescue LAWKS, this field ready karambit is jam-packed with handy, life-saving features, including a partially serrated blade for cutting seatbelts, rescue ropes, or clothes during emergencies, window breaker, and non-lethal pressure point applicator. It has a carabiner built into the safety ring for ease of attaching to medic bags or other gear. This karambit utilizes the LAWKS safety system, which is optimized for safety in emergency and tactical situations.

Outside of the partially serrated blade and other first responser features, the 599 Rescue matches the regular 599 in profile and design. The Fox 599 Rescue karambit is available with a black coated blade and textured black G10 scales. The 599 trainer matches the Rescue LAWKS as well.

Fox 579 DART Knife

The Fox 579 DART or “Direct Action Response Tanto” is designed from the ground up for close quarters combat and tactical use. Doug Marcaida of Marcaida Kali worked hand in hand with Lad Mandiola to produce a sleek fighting knife capable of doling out some serious punishment while remaining easy to conceal, carry, and train with. The DART is not a true karambit, as it lacks a curved blade, but its integrated safety ring and karambit-like functionality make it a force to be reckoned with just the same.

The DART is lightweight and compact, with a blade length that’s almost universally legal. With an integrated Emerson wave, the Fox DART deploys effortlessly and is ready for use directly out of the draw. The DART is available with a black Teflon coated stainless steel blade and textured black G10 handles. The matched DART trainer comes in orange.

Fox 535 Mini KA Karambit Knife

mini-fox-kbit.jpgThe Fox Mini KA is the ultimate in concealed, last ditch weapons. This tiny, claw-like karambit is razor sharp and capable of turning the tide of any encounter. While designed as a last ditch knife, neck knife, or boot knife, this tiny karambit is also great for opening packages, boxes, or regular work use. The blade is a mere 1” long and the knife has an overall length of 3.15”. It’s 1.10 ounces, which means its about as heavy as 4-5 American quarters. It does have a pocket clip, but also has a keychain attachment. This mini karambit is available with black scales and one of two blade finishes — black coated or satin.

Fox 636 Kuku Hanuman

The Fox Kuku Hanuman fixed blade karambit is a hefty, solid fighting knife. This sturdy karambit is big, powerful, and all business. Due to its size, the Kuku Hanuman karambit may not be legal for carry everywhere. Its use may be more optimized to military and tactical use than stateside every day carry by police, security, or civilians.

Rich Derespina designed this simple, no-frills combat karambit for professional use by dangerous people in dangerous places. It has a large safety ring for gloved mobility and features jimping for increased blade stability and utility regardless of grip. The black teflon coated stainless steel blade is full tang for increased durability and strength, and the textured black G10 scales offer a secure grip in all situations.

Fox 590 Derespina Chiroptera Karambit Knife

Fox Knives collaborated with renowned knife maker Rich Derespina on the Chiroptera karambit with the goal of producing a highly ergonomic, compact fighting karambit. The Chiroptera boasts an aggressive blade profile. Its complex grind allows for penetrating slashes as well as devastating fillet cuts. The tightly angled curve of the blade and multiple blade surfaces increase post-penetration injury.

Named after the scientific order for bats, the blade profile and grind of the Chiroptera karambit mirrors the joints on a bat’s wing. Furthermore, the compact design and lightweight materials allow for the tight, quick, flight-like movements common in close quarters combat.

Unlike the other Fox folding karambits, the Chiroptera karambit does not have an Emerson wave. Instead, it features dual thumb studs and can be opened with one hand post draw. The pocket clip can be set for 4 different carry positions. This easily concealed karambit is available with a black Teflon coated blade and highly textured black G10 scales.

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