Fox Legend Series Folding Karambit - The Spartan

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Item #:KC-478B-S
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Fox Legend Series Folding Karambit - The Spartan (KC-478B-S)
  • Overall Length:
    7.60" in
  • Blade Length:
    3.00" in
  • Blade Thickness:
    0.11" in
  • Blade Material:
    N690 Co Steel
  • Blade Grind:
  • Blade Finish:
    Black Teflon
  • Edge Type:
    Single Edged
  • Handle Length:
    5.25" in
  • Handle Material:
    G10 (smooth texture)
  • Handle Thickness:
    0.50" in
  • Handle Color:
    Engraved Spartan
  • Closed Length:
    5.25" in
  • Lock Type:
    Liner Lock
  • Liner Material:
    Stainless Steel
  • Weight:
    4.60 oz
  • Attachment:
    Reversible Clip
  • Emerson Wave:
  • Extra Features:
    Subdued blade finish featuring minimal writing.
  • Availability:
    In Stock

“Come and Take Them.”

The sounds of rasping metal, screams of rage and pain, and the bellows of fallen warriors mingle with the softer whispers of wind, chaos, and death. Glimpses of hell flash through the smoke and grime. The gruesome images are quickly gone, replaced by the next scene of war. Everywhere you turn, man battles man. As one soldier emerges the victor, they immediately engage the next combatant destined to fall.

All of these soldiers are not created equal. Some are Spartans, and they live only for the fight. With the dirt and dust of battle streaking their faces and their enemy’s blood streaking their armor, these mighty warriors only come home in one of two ways: as victors or as one of the dead. There are no other options. Defeat is not an option. Quitting is not an option. Fleeing is not an option. There is only fighting to the end, whatever that end may be. This is the life and code of the Spartan.

The ancient Greek battlecry “Molon Labe” carries all of the threat, defiance, and daring of its modern equivalent “Come and Take Them,” and then some. Popularized by the original badasses, the Spartans, the Molon Labe challenge was often thrown down when everything was on the line and there was only a few men and fewer resources to hold it. When you needed a line held, when you needed a battle won, you didn’t just call for soldiers. You called for Spartans, for Spartans were all or nothing, and these mighty warriors left everything on the field, for better or worse.

When the line needs held, when everyone and everything is counting on you, look no further than this highly customized, exclusive Legends Series Spartan karambit. This blade is balanced, durable, and made with quality materials. It works just as well in a utility setting as it does in combat. When you need a reliable blade that won’t let you down, tells a story as old as time, and that lasts and lasts, reach for one of the Legends Series karambits.


  • Emerson Wave, which allows effortless one-handed deployment
  • Strong, consistent edge with high degree of sharpening receptivity
  • Enhanced edge retention 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Easily concealable
  • Suitable for military, LEO, security, civilians, first responders, and utility workers
  • Safety ring for a sure and secure grip, even in extreme environments
  • Can be utilized for blunt force or as a control device
  • Controlled application for non-lethal & lethal use
  • Great for increasing primary weapon retention
  • Gorgeous, custom-designed, laser tooled handle depicting scenes of Spartan battles
  • Newly redesigned pocket clip engraved with “Molon Labe”


Our Legends series utilizes one the highest quality and strongest steels: NC690Co stainless steel. All of our Legends Series folding karambits feature laser engraved, custom designed, original, exclusive artwork.

The tiger claw shaped and black teflon coated blade provides devastatingly sharp tip and blade surface with a thickness of .12" and length of 3", offering a total reach of 7.5" when fully extended and 5" when closed. The shape and design of the blade is optimized for ripping penetration and stability while cutting. Our Legends series blades utilize liner locks and they weigh in at a mere 4.02oz.

This karambit is designed for tip-up carry with the patented Emerson Wave feature for fast deployment in a reverse grip. Reverse grip most effectively utilizes the blade's slashing power from its pocketed resting position in an upward motion, but the knife can also be utilized in the forward grip. Rest assured, if you’re carrying a Legends Series karambit, you’ll have a one of a kind knife, conversation piece, and survival tool.

NOTE: This pocket clip is not reversible. Left handed users will need to purchase a left handed clip.

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