United Cutlery M48 Cyclone Twisted Fixed Blade 8.00" in

United Cutlery

Item #:UC3163
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United Cutlery M48 Cyclone Twisted Fixed Blade (UC3163)
  • Overall Length:
    13.50" in
  • Blade Length:
    8.00" in
  • Blade Thickness:
    0.71" in
  • Blade Material:
    2Cr13 Stainless Steel
  • Blade Grind:
  • Blade Finish:
  • Edge Type:
    Double Edged
  • Handle Length:
    5.00" in
  • Handle Material:
    Fiberglass and Reinforced Nylon
  • Handle Thickness:
    1.00" in
  • Handle Color:
  • Weight:
    20.10 oz
  • Sheath:
    Injection molded nylon with stainless steel clip.


 United Cutlery M48 Cyclone Twisted Fixed Blade

Cyclone (n.) -  a violently rotating storm that typically causes widespread devastation and destruction

Most people only know one thing about cyclones -- they want nothing to do with one. For anything on the receiving end of the M48 Cyclone Twisted Fixed Blade, that's doubly true. This unique blade's design is gorgeous but rest assured, those curves aren't just for looks. The three spiraling cutting edges converge into an incredibly sharp, piercing point. It goes in easy as a result, but upon withdrawal, the Cyclone leaves devastating damage in its wake. Those whirling edges create a clean entry with horrific post penetration inside the wound channel. This is not a utility blade. It is a combat, self defense, and fighting knife. Of course, you can also just display it or show it off, since it also makes a great conversation piece. 

Features & Specs

  • Triple Edged, Spiraling Design
  • Textured Grip
  • Reinforced Handle
  • Stainless Steel Hand Guard to Prevent Slippage
  • Glass Breaker Pommel
  • Available in 3 Colors
  • Belt Sheath Included
  • 2Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade
  • 13.5" Overall Length, 8" Blade 


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