What is the Control Device?

Aluminum Control Device

Tarani Aluminum Control Device and Trainer by Blade-Tech

Although simply a utility knife, over the years numerous students of the Karambit (some of these were martial artists and others were simply curious to learn some personal safety techniques) wished to take advantage of the special attributes of this interesting utility tool to learn how to use it for specialized application (such as personal safety and martial arts training). Since the actual blade is generally very sharp, like any other utility knife, it was necessary to come up with a version of the knife that would not cause even the slightest bit of injury to the novice practitioner in the course of learning. As necessity is the mother of invention, this prompted Steve Tarani to design the first aluminum training Karambit in 1991 - thus the training Karambit was born.


After numerous demonstrations world-wide, many students (as well as security personnel) found the aluminum Karambit to be particularly effective when used all as a control device for defensive tactics and techniques. Thus combining the Tarani Aluminum Karambit with modern training technology the Aluminum Control Device entered the market as a two-in-one tool. It is both a device in which to enhance personal safety as well as a training tool in which to safely practice advance martial arts movements without injury.



The Tarani Aluminum Control Device can be employed effectively as a control device when applied in conjunction with defensive tactics techniques. In the hands of a trained practitioner the Aluminum Control Device can be used to take down, control, restrain and otherwise influence a would-be attacker to reconsider his motives!


As an example a simple arm-bar normally executed with a bare hand, now using the Aluminum Control Device, becomes a convincing maneuver. Additionally, any mechanical compliance technique can be applied with minimal effort using the Aluminum Control Device.


This outstanding device can be used by both male and female practitioners regardless of size or physical stature. The specifically designed curvature is unique to the application of defensive tactics and can be instantly deployed when you really need it!

Since it is not a blade and has no moving parts it is not considered a lethal weapon and is less dangerous than a pair of scissors. However in the hands of a trained practitioner, the Aluminum Control Device can give you the decisive advantage in a personal altercation at close quarters.


If you are interested in securing your personal safety using the Aluminum Control Device or if your agency is considering alternative use of less-than-lethal force options click here!






Compare to Similar Devices


Compared to other restraining devices or impact devices employed for self defense such as expandable baton, straight baton, security/ police nunchaku, etc., the Aluminum Control Device has some impressive features:


1.Lightweight - An Aluminum Control Device weighs less than most impact/ restraint devices of any length.


2.Ease of Carry - Thin, lightweight, flat, less than 7" in overall length and comfortably rounded the Aluminum Control Device is very easy to carry and places no strain or stress on the operator - especially if seated for exceedingly long periods of time.


3.Conceal ability - Due to its unique flat and curvature design, the Aluminum Control Device matches the natural contours of the human body and is practically undetectable even with minimal cover clothing and especially in close proximity of others.


4.Access in Confined Areas of Operation - Any Aluminum Control Device can be accessed by the operator in any body position such as standing, kneeling, seated, crouching, prone, supine, and in extreme close quarters.


5.Deployment in Confined Areas - The Aluminum Control Device is superior to other devices in the function of deployment in that it requires less steps to deploy. The Aluminum Control Device can be deployed by any operator in only (2) steps - 1. Simply grasp the safety ring (using any grip and from any body position) and 2. Deploy.


6.Area of Operation - The Aluminum Control Device requires very little space for deployment and application whereas devices such as the expandable baton require a full arc of extension (either opening upward or opening downward).


7.No Collateral Risk - Due to the nature of such confined area deployment as air craft, buses, trains, automobiles, etc., many environmental obstructions (which may either impede or prevent deployment of say an expandable baton - including liability of inadvertently contacting other passengers), are of no consideration when using the Aluminum Control Device.


8.Training Hours - Unlike other devices, training up with the Aluminum Control Device is minimal and basic techniques can be learned in a very brief period of time.


9.Striking Capacity - Identical delivery force compared to other devices given strict limitations of confined area operation.


10.Thrusting Capacity - The Aluminum Control Device has no moving parts and therefore will not collapse in the event of a thrust maneuver. Additionally, by employing the safety ring resulting in positive grip, the Aluminum Control Device cannot slip out of the hand - unlike other devices, which by design may collapse in a thrusting operation.


11. Control Restraints and Immobilizations - The Aluminum Control Device - unlike other devices - is specifically designed for control restraints, striking, thrusting, immobilizations and takedowns.


12. Maneuverability in Confined Areas - Requiring little or no deployment space and being of a length of less than 7" it's mobility and maneuverability in confined areas are second to none.


13. Takedowns - The Aluminum Control Device - unlike other devices - is specifically designed for control restraints, striking, thrusting, immobilizations and takedowns.


14.Moving Parts - The Aluminum Control Device has no moving parts and therefore will not collapse in the event of any operational maneuver. Additionally with no moving parts there are no additional repair or parts costs.


15.Maintenance - The Aluminum Control Device - unlike other devices - requires no maintenance as it has no moving or replacement parts, is made out of anodized aluminum, cannot rust or "wear out", never needs to be replaced and requires no maintenance budget.


16.Maintenance Training - Training for the Aluminum Control Device need not include assembly, disassembly or maintenance instruction.


17.Failure to Deploy - The Aluminum Control Device cannot fail in "opening" as it requires no such step and offers simplistic foolproof operation.


18.Subject Control Options - The Aluminum Control Device is designed for subject control options such as come-alongs, locks, control points, immobilizations, takedowns and other functions as to secure, control or restrain a subject thus offering an intermediate use of force option to operators - demonstrating due diligence and enormously reducing agency liability in the field.


19.Retention - Due to the configuration of the safety ring as well as positive grip, the Aluminum Control Device cannot be disarmed and therefore cannot be used against you.


20.Pressure Point Escorts and Control Point Escorts - Applying the Aluminum Control Device to various pressure points and control points induces immediate control of an unruly (i.e. intoxicated, disorderly, etc.,) or non-compliant subject without drawing attention to either the operator or the subject as these techniques are applied in a very subtle manner at extreme close quarters and in confined areas.



Designed and implemented by Steve Tarani, this safe and sturdy Aluminum Control Device/ Training tool became rapidly popular throughout the personal security and martial arts training communities

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